Monday, March 11, 2013

Big Announcement!!!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why Do I Walk?

Why do I walk?

Why do any of us walk? The easy answer is this: we walk to get from one place to another of course, but when you really think about it there is more to walking than just movement. Or is there?
With our walking there is an undercurrent that guides our thoughts, thoughts so omnipresent that they seem to circle us, gathering us in their arms and carrying us forward with the syncopation of each step and with each swing of our arm.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Robinson

Sometimes my mind meanders and my feet just follow. Sometimes my feet start moving which then puts into motion the wheels that churn out my thoughts. Either way it is ironic that my feet which normally connect me to the ground also connect to that grand and powerful circuitry that is my daydreams. 

When I walk the breeze flows over me taking with it the ills of the day, washing me clean and clearing my mind.

I like the pace of walking. I like the easy nature of putting one foot in front of another, one thought before another. It is a rythym I can keep up to.
I like being outside. I like walking to the tune of the birds and positioning myself to face the sun. I absorb the glorious warmth that radiates down towards me and by the time I return home I am then able to radiate that warmth back out for the benefit of my husband and children.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Robinson
Why do I walk?
My life moves as fast internally as it does externally and in order to  keep my system synchronized I walk. Either way there is flow. To walk is to balance my energies against the tides of daily life. There is a sense of freedom in stretching one's legs. There is a sense of freedom knowing that the skies can press upon the earth with the girth of grey matter but you can still move. Walking creates breath and breath, soft and sweet seeps into our soul through the wounds that stillness creates.
I walk to stir my soul against that stillness.
How else can there be life?