Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Season of Walking

Deep Snow, Photo Credit: Cheryl Robinson
Winter is slowly coming to an end. The birds are re-populating the trees and the variable temperatures give rise to cool misty mornings. Ice drips from the eaves and the snowbanks are edging away from the sides of the roads.As I march towards Spring I have a lot to reflect on. The winter season was not an easy one.I paraphrase the Idiot Abroad when I say that deep snow is not meant to be walked through! Living in Canada however, we have no choice. I strapped my feet into skis, snowshoes, and snowboards. I trudged through a blizzard, walked through conservation areas and through my neighbourhood. You could say I have covered a lot of ground.
This coming week will see me turn thirty-nine which will set in motion the count-down to the ever looming fortieth birthday which in North American culture is a milestone as birthdays go. I am meandering towards mid-life and as such I figure I have to reflect on not only the walking I am doing; the geography, the beauty in the small things, the journey, but also the inspiration, the motivation; the quest.
With the rivulets of spring runoff my thoughts will flow. I will walk faster and longer. I will speak to the moods that move me and the seasons that affect my change of pace.
What inner workings keep me in motion? What are the mechanics of my walking?

Lantern Wasteland,  Photo Credit: Cheryl Robinson
This past Fall and Winter I have walked with friends and with my dog. Mostly I have walked alone. Alone with my thoughts. Oftentimes walking in order to clear my head. I have a little friend who walks with me to keep me thinking. I have a friend who walks with me in spirit from half a world away.I am going to add to that list and walk more with my family.

My walking Buddha. Photo Credit: Cheryl Robinson

Walking into this new season I plan to challenge myself.
I am off to a good start but with a little over a year left to prepare for a big journey I need to step it up. Literally.
So stay tuned and walk with me as I face something called the Frontenac Challenge; as I prepare to walk from one town to another; as I challenge myself by walking on different types of terrain. I will be walking through thoughts previously uncharted. I will be walkin' it off in more ways than one.
Walk with me. It won't be in five feet of snow, but it will be a challenge well worth the effort.

Where will you be walking in this season of your life?

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